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Reef Partner local school


Jack Pomery and Tom Caplin at Reef Head OfficeReef Water Solutions have partnered with Riddlesdown High School and the Croydon Education Business Partnership.  Jack Pomery and Tom Caplin both fifteen joined Reef for two weeks for their work experience.  This opportunity gave both boys an insight into work life, both working in the office and out at site with Jack and Tom at Diamond Lightour engineers.


At the end of the fortnight the boys completed a report of their time with Reef. (See below) We also received some very positive feedback from our clients at Diamond Light Source:


"Both Boy's where conscientious and polite at all times, a pleasure to meet with them. I and the KIER team at Diamond wish them every success in the future"



Experiences of Jack and tom


Jack and Tom at Diamond Light I went to Reef Water Solutions for my work experience and really enjoyed it. It gave me a great insight into the world of work that will be truly valued. I learnt how to file, fax, deal with clients and attend client meetings. This all taught me great life skills that will be highly valuable. I also had the opportunity to go out with the engineers. This meant that I was able to see how the company operated practically i.e. checking water systems for unwanted substances. I went to Surrey University to check their heating and boilers and went to a job centre being built in Balham to clean the pipes and flush them with chlorine. Overall, I have highly enjoyed my time at Reef and have learnt crucial life skills.


Tom Caplin - Riddlesdown High School



Jack and Tom at Diamond LightOn the 18th September, Tom Caplin and I visited Diamond Light Source in Oxfordshire, we arrived there at 7:30, an early start. When we arrived we attended a Health and Safety induction, then we went into the plant rooms where we carried out onsite analysis. We tested all of the heating and the chilled water systems, we took water samples from the systems together with domestic water samples around the six different zones for laboratory analysis. The laboratory tests include bacteriological and pseudomonas. In Diamond Light they look at a beam made out of electrons, they do tests on this, it is a smaller version to the one in Switzerland called CERN. The Diamond Light Source does many tests and has many different companies working inside the synchrotron doing a variety of tests on the beam.


This project has found out lots of new facts some of these include:

  • Nanoscience,
  • X-rays,
  • Electronics,
  • Chemical engineering,
  • Food research,
  • IT hardware,
  • Automotive research,
  • Environmental studies,
  • Bio-sciences,
  • Engineering,
  • Aerospace      

The Diamond Light ComplexThe experience of going to the Diamond Light project was very interesting and I found out many new things, such as what they do at this site, how the peculiar shaped building was built, how the electron beam works and how they test the beam. During the day I met many new people and found out many new things.  It was a great day of work and a fantastic experience.


Thank you Reef for the opportunity to gain so much knowledge.


Jack Pomery - Riddlesdown High School


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