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Whether carried out routinely or as a reactive measure, Reef Water Solutions have experience of carrying out disinfection works on a daily basis. The most common form of such works is a domestic system ‘chlorination’ where chlorine (sodium hypochlorite) is added to a Cold Water Storage Tank and then introduced to the system in its entirety by running any associated cold and hot outlets. Our range of disinfection works most commonly required are:

  • Domestic water system disinfection by adding chemical treatment to
    Cold Water Storage and associated system
  • Injection disinfection achieved by pumping chemical into pipework
  • Installation and/or monitoring of ‘threshold’, proportional chemical dosing
  • Biocide addition to Closed Systems

Much of our domestic disinfection works are undertaken ‘out of normal working hours’ within ‘working premises’ due to the obvious interruption to water services. We also carry out a large percentage of works on new installations and refurbished premises. On domestic water systems, our most commonly used chemical treatment is sodium hypochlorite, although other options are available dependant on the dictates of the particular project.


We are happy to provide advice on exactly how disinfection may be applied to your scope of works.


Please contact us for more information on disinfection.