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Microbiological sampling:

In conjunction with our preferred independent laboratories, we are able to provide full spectrum analysis to our clients. Our commonly requested/recommended samples are listed below although this is a fraction of available services;


  • Bacteriological (including TVC)
  • Legionella bacteria (All strains and Sero Groups)
  • TVC/Pseudomonas/Sulphite Reducing Bacteria (Closed Systems)
  • BSRIA Sampling

  • Basic Air Quality Sampling


We have also made it a priority not to issue unsubstantiated results and all such correspondence comes in the form of the laboratory result and a recommendation for subsequent actions, if any are required. Our close relationship with our laboratories has also allowed us to react to ‘unique requests’ and we will always be able to seek recommendation from them and submit a sample for advice on what is the best course of action for the client with regard to potential outcome and budget.


Please contact us for more information on microbiological sampling.